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In May 2024, I made the exciting decision to merge my independent clinical practice with the team at Menopause Care, enabling me to be able to offer patients an enhanced service including multidisciplinary team (MDT) support.

Led by Dr Naomi Potter, Menopause Care offer both online and face to face specialist menopause appointments to women, and people assigned female at birth (AFAB), from all over the country. At Menopause Care we offer expertise in all areas of perimenopause and menopause, including POI, surgical menopause, menopause after cancer and testosterone replacement. We also offer consultation, and specialist advice, on PMS, PMDD, lifestyle medicine, hormonal migraines and more. 

Online and face to face appointments (both new and follow-up) are available to book. Please see here.

Face to face consultations are held on Mondays at Treat Norwich – 2-4 Lawson Road, Norwich, NR3 4LF.

For any further queries relating to the clinic, please email: or call 0208 164 4090. Please do not use the contact form below, which is for media, speaking and literary queries only.

If you are a pre-existing patient and have had an appointment with me any time from June 2022 onwards then you can be seen in a follow-up consultation. If your last appointment was prior to June 2022 new consultation fees will apply.


Please see: Resources – Dr Hannah Short for further information on menopausal & premenstrual health, including links to clinical guidelines, factsheets, podcasts and webinars.


Media, Speaking & Literary Enquiries


Dr Hannah Short


27th May 2022

"Thank GOODNESS for Dr Hannah Short - for the first time in my life I feel heard / seen & listened to! My situation is not a straight forward one, but Dr Short has guided me throughout the process and I feel like a different person now! I have answers and understanding, and I know that if I ever have any more questions or concerns then Dr Short will be there to help! My health has improved and I'm so excited to create an environment for my body to thrive in!

Thank you Dr Hannah Short - you really are AMAZING!"

10th May 2022

"It is really important to understand the differences between surgical and other menopause symptoms and treatment and Dr Short provides that insight and specialism. I have been a patient for a couple of years and we have navigated around different HRT solutions. The advice is always pragmatic and proactive. I would highly recommend being in her care."

24th September 2021

"I made the decision to reach out for specialist support after several years of distress following surgical menopause. The first appointment was in person and living a considerable distance away I committed time and energy to this. It was well worth the investment. Subsequent consultations have been done via video. As well as her in-depth knowledge and specialism evidenced by referencing up-to-date clinical research and patient studies, Dr Short can also empathise with the difficulties I have endured. She is practical, informative and supportive. Her passion for patient care and bespoke treatment is extensive and she takes care to really reflect the ethos of one size does not fit all, every patient is different. I would highly recommend her for long-term support and treatment, and where possible reach out before surgical menopause to ensure an accurate baseline."

15th September 2021

"I have had three consultations via phone with Dr Short. I was referred to her following a consultation with the Newson clinic. My PMS symptoms were overwhelming for me as I started perimenopause. Dr Short has been really encouraging and patient with me as I was a very nervous patient starting on HRT. Dr Short has tweaked my medication over time and been very supportive with this. I now feel really great and my terrible PMS has vanished. I wish I had seen Dr Short years ago."

14th June 2021

"Finding Dr Hannah has been a revelation for me and, to put it bluntly, her support, advice and care has saved my life. This time last year I was experiencing such crushing levels of luteal phase depression and PMDD symptoms that I had begun to put my affairs in order as I could see no way to carry on...

...She listens patiently, never interrupting, letting me get out everything I need to say to be heard and understood. She is kind, friendly, gentle and encouraging and has an obvious wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise. That she supports a whole food plant based active lifestyle is important to me and how I wish to live my life, she looks at my health holistically and the changes we are making have made phenomenal improvements to my mental and physical health already. I have hope again, we have a plan, I'm no longer alone in this."

28th April 2021

"Dr Short is a brilliant person to deal with. She has a caring bedside manner and a reassuringly efficient and professional approach. She understands complex needs and offers holistic views. She was available to help me in between my consultations, when I needed it, and has been an invaluable support in a difficult time. Thank goodness for specialist doctors like her."

1st April 2021

"She was very welcoming during our session and held such a safe space for an open discussion. She made it very clear that she would send all the information by email so that I did not have to remember everything, and that letter was so clear!

I felt heard and she always gave me space to add, even if we had moved onto another question or discussion. She was friendly and understanding, and I felt I could openly share my experiences with her.

I am looking forward to starting my new routine she has offered me and have faith that I will find my feet again."

4th March 2021

"This is really hard to put into words because I am only just starting to appreciate the dramatic alleviation of my pre-menstrual symptoms as a result of starting a treatment plan prescribed by Dr Hannah Short. I have tried other protocols for pre-menstral tension in the past which didn't work for me and it is only since seeing Hannah and being diagnosed with PMDD and perimenopause that I at last felt someone understood, validated and believed me. I had confidence that if one course of treatment didn't work for me there were other options that we could try. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr Hannah Short."

23rd November 2020

"Dr Hannah Short is a very warm and friendly doctor who is extremely efficient and knowledgeable in her field. Dr Short also goes out of her way to make you feel completely comfortable in her care, she fully explains her treatment plans and listens to your concerns.
I would highly recommend Dr Hannah Short."

15th July 2020

"Dr Hannah Short is, quite simply, marvellous. I first met Dr Short in February and I am delighted with the huge improvement in my severe debilitating vaginal problems, since Dr Short changed my medication and advised on foods and supplements that might help. I had a telephone follow up consultation and Dr Short gave her time to talk through my complex health problems which continue to affect everyday life. She asked if anyone had mentioned POTS and gave me the information about the various types of this condition and suggested I take a look at Dr Short's professionalism deserves the highest accolade. She is kind, caring and very knowledgeable and I value and appreciate her help so much and I will always be so very grateful that she has spent the time to help me.  Thank you Hannah."

14th July 2020

“Had a virtual consultation today and it was actually a very satisfying experience as I was not sure how it would feel not being able to see a doctor face-to-face. Dr Short showed much wider insight and understanding of a more complex medical situation than what I have experienced before. Looking forward to see where this journey takes me.”

30th January 2020

“Dr Short is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and someone you can talk to. I received great care, advice and respect from her throughout my consultation. It was wonderful to meet a doctor who actually cares about my wellbeing and who took the time to explain everything. I am truly grateful.”

9th September 2019

“I first heard Dr Hannah Short speak at a conference for plant based health professionals about her interest in menopause symptoms and treatment. I decided to consult her about my own menopause symptoms and I am so glad I did. She really listens to what you are saying and shows great empathy and understanding. It is so nice to be truly heard. Her approach is holistic and includes diet and lifestyle advice as well as HRT if necessary. She has a lot of knowledge and experience with HRT and can explain the benefits and risks based on real science which is great unlike a lot of sensational press articles! If you want a doctor who will take time and really listen to you and suggest treatment and lifestyle changes that will make a positive difference to your health and importantly your quality of life, then I would definitely recommend Dr Hannah.”

7th August 2019

“I recently visited Dr Hannah Short for surgical menopause reasons. She was very caring and understanding and I felt I was in good hands. As well as a new prescription for different medication, I also came away with some great nutrition/lifestyle advice. The consultation was really thorough and I would highly recommend her. Will be returning for a follow up in due course!”